June 22, 2019


Die Pfingsttage liegen nun schon in weiter Ferne, und doch erfüllt mich die tiefste, schwärzeste Wehmut, wenn ich mich an den vergangenen Freitag, Samstag, Sonntag sowie Montag zurückerinnere ...

Niemals hätte ich, als durchwegs introvertierte und menschenscheue Seele, die Entfaltung eines solch wundersamen schwarzen Treibens in der dunklen Hauptstadt Leipzigs vermutet, obgleich ich schon seit frühester Jugend dem schwarzen Bann des Wave Gotik Treffens verfallen gewesen war.

Nun war ich es also,...

March 31, 2019


For the reason that I'd love to continue my ...

Music Discoveries Series

(which is highly special to me, because I'm a definite Music addict since my earliest childhood),

I'm now presenting an even more precious and more enchanting variety of different bands, artists and individual songs to you, which I've discovered via:

THE OFFICIAL Announcements for this year's WGT

(which will also be my first ever Wave Gotik Treffen ... Absolutely unbelievable, isn't it? - await my - soon to be published - Blog Entry, wh...

February 25, 2019


❥ My long awaited Moonglow Vinyl

has finally arrived in my Gloomy Mansion ... ❥

* insert footage of Sheena frantically jumping up and down, throwing the "World Of Music"-Package carefully in the air, to catch it again - while internally screaming, because neighbors have already gotten disturbed by Sheena's late-night music session made up of "Fields of the Nephilim", "Garden of Delight" and "Autumn" - so loudly screaming wouldn't be that appropriate for the next few weeks ... *

The first song, which I'm g...

November 21, 2018


Sheena's full Review of her mesmerizing concert experience on the Nightwish Decades Tour 2018 in the Olympia Hall in Munich ...🖤🤘

November 21, 2018


Welcome to the first edition of my upcoming Music Discovery Series directly out of my Gloomy Mansion.

For the reason that Music has always been a key driving force in my life (apart from my own attempts with writing lyrics and composing music ... ^^), I decided to initiate this new Blogging Series to share all those precious tunes, that I discover on my lifelong music journey, with you - as well as show perhaps unknown and smaller bands to a greater audience by presenting it on my website ... 

(So for tho...

October 10, 2018


I finally gave in to my longing heart ... and decided for something I've always wanted and awaited in my life ...

I finally got weak and ordered my FIRST DOLLSKILL Package with adorable stuff from their featured brands "KILLSTAR" and "WIDOW" (which I've adored ever since I can imagine ... ♡).

When I first saw my shipping notfications I got overwhelmed by the different stations where my package has been until finally arriving in the smallest rural village on earth (where my Gloomy Mansion is located and yo...

August 24, 2018


Although this has been my birthday month and I already got several things, my weaker self still managed to convince me of pressing those "PAY" buttons more than ever ... 

But to switch from the excuses and apologies to the actual and FIRST edition of my upcoming Purchase series (that sounds fairly spectacular - just like my dramatic ME wanted it to be ... ^^)

I decided to make a general overview of everything I bought which could be interesting for you:

Just to mention: Most of the items will be music rela...

August 23, 2018


Actually I spent hours of deciding whether I should write this article about a well-known german band in english for a readership that is probably not as big as the german one.

Or should I rather decide for a german version to dedicate my whole "review" and "euphoric awaiting statement" directly to those, who possibly know "Saltatio Mortis" more than an english community.

But for the reason that I'm an introvert and that I know absolutely nothing - neither about the amount of english speaking nor the amou...

August 7, 2018


This blog entry reveals the TRUE REASON behind Sheena's blog and why Blogging is becoming more and more relevant to her ... 🖤🦇

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