If you're looking for the ideal jewelry to complement your Lolita-Outfit, everyday Kawaii Style or even costumes for special festivities & events, then those chokers - hand crafted with plenty of love by Sheena Sweetie herself - are your ultimate solution! They exist in plenty of different styles and colors to match your outfit (whether it being romantic, historically influenced, gothic lolita or everyday basic with a cute hint) ... 


If your dream-choker is not yet included, I'd be pleased, if you contact me and tell me the preferred style adjustments based on your personal inspiration and aesthetic (I'm accepting changements of sizing, color, fabric/ material and pendants)


for more insight in my crafting paradise: just ask for the huge variety in my collection and I'll promise you that basically nothing is impossible (I can even order special materials, fabrics, add-ons or pendants based on your preference)

Kawaii Lolita Chokers

7,99 €Price
  • The material I'm working with:

    • Various Fabrics of my collection (Lace trims, velvety materials, PU Leather, PVC, cotton, Pom Pom trims, Tassel trims, Ric Rac trims, nylon netting, shiny & matte tulle, faux fur, satin ribbons, sparkly sequin trims, embroidered patches, fringe trims, braid trims, ribbon trims, ornament trims ... just ask for my collection & tell me your preferences so we can match together the ideal fabrics to create an unique eye-catcher!)
    • Ribbon fastener, chain (for size adjustments) & metal rings (everything availiable in golden, silver & black color)
    • Pendants (My collection is way too huge & the individual pendants differ from each other a lot), 50% of them are DIY (made out of modelling clay or other materials)

    Just to get an overview of everything that is definitely included in the variety of Sheena Sweetie's pendants: hearts, flowers, clouds, unicorns, locks, different animals, bows, moons, keys, stars, suns, small plushies, teddy bears, Pom Poms, butterflies, metal rings, chains ... 

    • Shipping to GERMANY, AUSTRIA & SWITZERLAND: 4.99 € per order
    • Shipping to ALL OTHER COUNTRIES: I'll send you an e-mail (after you've placed an order) with the cheapest shipping fees for your country

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