Not only pretend being the true Landlady of Gloominess, because you already are ... ❥

Express and act out every single shade of your black soul with this extraordinary bell bottom pants without neglecting the importance of comfort.

Because of its light fabric (100% viscose jersey), this magnificent - but easy to wear on a daily basis - pants will be ideal for the summer months without losing your scarily beautiful grace and glory ... So enjoy walking up the stairs of your darkest dreams elated by the black fabric caressing your legs.


Garments out of Sheena's personal clothing brand 

🖤Gloomy Mansion🖤

are specially designed for those of us, who want to impress, fascinate and simultanously stand out of the crowd by their unique & eerily beautiful appearance.

They're perfectly made for those, who find beauty in the darkness and get attracted by the deepest depths of our souls - so don't hesitate and dress yourself in Sheena's handmade clothing that is based on her own experience with mass-produced pieces that will never contain the true spirit of sombreness ...

Precious Bell Bottom Pants

19,99 €Price
  • Trademark Logo in the Back:

    "Gloomy Mansion by Sheena"


    100% Handmade, Self-sewn Clothing - Personally made for you in Sheena's phantasmagorical Kingdom of Darkness ... ❥

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