Those vegan friendly/ PU-Leather wristbands make you ready for your next Punk Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Ska, Goth Rock, Hard Rock ... concert or festival and emphasize your free-minded & rebel spirit! Who cares about society's rules and guidelines? Definitely not you! Show your individuality by wearing one of Sheena The Punkrocker's bracelets and join the NON-CONFORMITY PRIDE -


I definitely accept style adjustments based on your preferences & aesthetic - especially when it comes to the rings, studs and spikes.


Unfortunately I don't agree with a desire for leather, because my shop is 100% vegan and therefore cruelty free.

Punk Wristbands

7,99 €Price
  • Consistency of Sheena The Punkrocker's wristbands:

    • Vegan Leather Band (individual in sizing, color & width - just tell me, how many rows of spikes or studs you desire)
    • Studs: pyramid & star studs availiabe in silver, brass and black color (special: bell studs & skull designs)
    • Spikes: My collection is composed of various style of spikes such as killer spikes, classic cone spikes (different sizes), tree spikes (different sizes), cat/ dragon claws (saber and tusk spikes), bulldog cones, pyramid spikes
    • Rings: small, medium & large bondage rings (O-rings), metal D-rings, heart shaped rings (I also create styles combining different rings)
    • Chains: different lenghts & colors (silver, brass & black)

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