Be an unique "Queen of Gloominess" and unveil the thousand shades of your jet black soul with Sheena's handsewn Longsleeve, that will definitely let you stand out of the crowd while dancing in the cave.

Combined with silvery details and a pair of handmade high quality winklepickers or platform boots you're good to go and ready for facing your daily tasks without drowning in everybody's confomity and demystification ... Dare to be different and stay obscure! 🦇


Garments out of Sheena's personal clothing brand 

🖤Gloomy Mansion🖤 

are specially designed for those of us, who want to impress, fascinate and simultanously stick out of the crowd by their unique & eerily beautiful appearance.

It's perfectly made for those, who find beauty in the darkness and get attracted by the deepest depths of our souls - so don't hesitate and dress yourself in Sheena's handmade clothing that is based on her own experience with mass-produced clothing that will never contain the true spirit of sombreness ...

Thousand Shades of Black - Transparent Longsleeve

25,99 €Price
Color: Pitch Black

    © 2019 by Sheena's Showtime (all drawings by Sheena)​