This Skirt takes your gloomy beauty to the next level! Whether you're present at a dark scene festival or you're just beautifying everyday's boredom while looking like the dark mermaid you've always wanted to be, our Velvet & Lace Dark Mermaid Skirt will always be your obscurest companion when it comes to highlighting your individual gothic style ...


Garments out of Sheena's personal clothing brand 

🖤Gloomy Mansion🖤

are specially designed for those of us, who want to impress, fascinate and simultanously stand out of the crowd by their unique & eerily beautiful appearance.

They're perfectly made for those, who find beauty in the darkness and get attracted by the deepest depths of our souls - so don't hesitate and dress yourself in Sheena's handmade clothing that is based on her own experience with mass-produced pieces that will never contain the true spirit of sombreness ...

Velvet & Lace Dark Mermaid Skirt

25,99 €Price
Color: Pitch Black

    © 2019 by Sheena's Showtime (all drawings by Sheena)​