Steamy Sheena

Born on the 12th of August in 1877, Steamy Sheena is a true Victorian Original - Besides travelling in the service of the British Crown she is not only seeking for profound poetry and literature but also a writer herself, creating new stories about airship adventures and governmental duties combined with a great passion for the supernatural and impossible (especially when it comes to bizarre machines) .


Apart from that she adores working on sewing and crafting projects without guidelines, instructions or special patterns. This may be a reflection of her free-minded spirit and leads her to live in a room right at the top of her gloomy mansion.


Every time she's not in charge of the ministry, Steamy Sheena is known to be busy re-decorating her home with recently discovered and purchased antiques.


With a good dose of luck and clear view, you can possibly watch Steamy Sheena trying out her newest invention: mechanical, steam-powered wings that should carry her to the hidden island of Phantastica - where even the most daring and absurd visions and dreams come true ...


Sheena Sweetie

Sheena Sweetie is probably the most contradictory personality on this website (regarding all other characters) Nevertheless she is a huge part of Sheena constantly fighting for an eternal childhood and joy.


It all started when Sheena realized that she was even longing for toys as a present besides turning 18 ...

Until then Sheena Sweetie decided to honor childhood forever.

Therefore she keeps her obsession with plushies, pastel decor items, kawaii and lolita clothing and will possibly never grow out of it anymore.

She tries to combine this specific obsession with her incredible pleasure in crafting as well as sewing - 

So stay tuned for DIYs, Sewing Projects, Baking and Room Decor on her YouTube Channel:

Sheena's Sweetie Space


Discover your inner little one today!


Roses and Petticoats,

Sheena Sweetie

sheena the punk rocker

"Punk is Dead" definitely does not count for Sheena The Punkrocker! Therefore she tries to keep the true D.I.Y. Punk Spirit alive, suggests others to appreciate this subculture and tries to get rid of all those unpleasant stereotypes and prejudices.


For Sheena The Punkrocker this spirit is strongly combined with MUSIC, as it was the reason for her to get into Punk Culture (That is definitely not linked to temporal youth or teenager phases).

So stay tuned for special video units that are one hundred percent music based and could probably unveil some new discoveries.


Sheena The Punkrocker does find her greatest pleasure in visiting festivals, concerts and demos all over Germany and possibly all over the planet one day ...

And most of her outfits and accessories are completely self-made because living the D.I.Y. lifestyle is directly based on her mindset that is a weird mixture of animal rights and environmental activism, antifascisms, anticapitalism and her desire for total anarchy...

Skinbyrd Sheena


Almost daily Skinbyrd Sheena can be seen Skanking in her Gloomy Mansion with her special Ska Dancing Shoes. Although she's not mentally ready to cut her hair in an awesome Chelsea Cut she is really obsessed with everything Two Tone, Rocksteady, Jamaican Reggae, Ska Waves 1 to 3 as well as Ska-Punk Mixtures and appreciates new local bands coming up.


Skinbyrd Sheena is most likely seen in one of her beloved high-quality Fred Perry Shirts with all buttons up and finds great pleasure in bleaching her jeans to a speckled design.


Sheena herself decided to unveil this huge part of her personality because lots of people still believe that Skinheads & Skinbyrds have to be racist - which is definitely not true !

That's why Skinbyrd Sheena loves to clear everything up and explain the differences between Boneheads and real authentic Skinheads in order to banish all those major insecurities and ignorances.


stay strong and

beat up your local fascist

Skinbyrd Sheena

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