🖤 Saltatio Mortis Album Release: Brot und Spiele 🖤

August 23, 2018

Actually I spent hours of deciding whether I should write this article about a well-known german band in english for a readership that is probably not as big as the german one.

Or should I rather decide for a german version to dedicate my whole "review" and "euphoric awaiting statement" directly to those, who possibly know "Saltatio Mortis" more than an english community.

But for the reason that I'm an introvert and that I know absolutely nothing - neither about the amount of english speaking nor the amount of german speaking SaMo fans -, I decided for the english version to keep this blog not as confused as I - as a person - already am ... ✔

At least, I hope it's not that confusing to refer to a german band whose lyrics are 100% german (apart from the general influences of latin, gaelic and other foreign and ancient languages) ...


So on the 17th of August it was that time again: A new album will be released! An album I adored soon after listening to the few pre-released songs such as "Große Träume", "Dorn im Ohr", "Spur des Lebens" AND ESPECIALLY the two songs "Brunhild" and "Heimdall", that instantly conquered my folk and mystic obsessed heart ... 

I feel so misplaced writing about those lyrics in english - I hope those feelings start to disappear as soon as I continue typing my statements ... ^^


But now for the review itself: As always I ordered the Vinyl Edition of "Brot und Spiele" as a special version with exactly two disks inside the package (it hasn't arrived in my Gloomy Mansion yet and that is the reason why I'm writing this article because even introverts have to talk about their obsessions somewhere ... so please excuse the amount of words that I plan to write inside this particular blog entry).


I chose the special edition version of "Brot und Spiele" for the reason that I'm definitely longing for the second disc perhaps a teeny tiny bit more than for the first one - now you can all start stoning me to death, if your perception differs from mine ... BUT I - as the weirdo I am - do NOT ONLY appreciate the definite Punk inspired songs on this vinyl but I also (especially) adore the traditional and instrumental influences in songs like "Drachentanz", "Ad digitum prurigo", "Herr Holkin", "Volta" and all the other amazing traditional titles on the second disc.

So I'm pretty exited for the arrival of my personal vinyl edition in my Gloomy Mansion.

Hopefully it won't take any longer because - as luck would have it - I've already received a delay notification for some days that can quickly change into some weeks (that's true pessimism ^^)


But apart from my anxiety about the non-arrival of my vinyl version I should add that my favorite song of this album so-far ist possibly "Herr Holkin". After some research I discovered that this special song is directly adapted to an ancient swedish folk song (still written in the old wording) that has been passed on from several generations of swedish farmers to their descendants.

The original full title of it is called: "Herr Hollkin och liten Kerstin" which means "Mister Hollkin and little Kerstin". Even though I have never learned this language, can't pronounce any single word in swedish and therefore do not comprehend the lyrics of "Herr Holkin" I totally adore this song without even understanding the message, tale and content of it.

- And that is being said by a person who mainly gets attracted by the lyrics itself -

I've been searching for the lyrics since several days now. I hope it gets published via the band or anybody else ... I'm really looking forward to reading and "understanding" the main content ... ♥


I'm aware that I'm not a professional song and album critic (and will possibly never ever be) but the next song I immediately adored after listening to it one single time was "Ich werde Wind".


Now I've arrived at the basic struggle again - obvious german title, obvious german lyrics ... - (well done, Sheena, well done - Should I delete the pre-written text and exchange it with a german one? No I won't. Not for the reason that I'd love to save time, but for the reason that I'm now considering my article for missionary work in order to promote this amazing album to a much bigger audience (at least, I hope so ... ^^)


So let's continue with this great title. As the title (fully translated into English) "I turn into wind" may already suggest, its chords immediately hand over a special "free-minded spirit" to the listener.

Obviously it is somewhat german Punk Rock inspired? So what?!


Just to mention something of importence in general: I personally believe, that we should always be content with changements within the band's sound, lyrics or theme in general.

Otherwise we would have to listen to the same sounds over and over again. That would definitely be much more steady but in the long run possibly boring ...

And especially for bands that start combining genres that create a whole new interesting experience (such as medieval folk rock mixed with traditional and heavy german punk styles) should be rather used as a good example than a bad one.


Of course I also set up my limits: But as long as bands don't start straight-edge diving into right wing propaganda, or typical "soul-less" chart hits (I'm referring to those, that really hurt your black heart, because of being so incredibly shallow  without any dephts) I'm completely content with changements because they indicate the band's inner development!


And that is the reason why I can - and will probably never - comprehend those, who get totally and unconditionally upset about those changements (especially when they are so small and there exist tons of traditional titles as well - beside the "new" ones - such as in our example "Brot und Spiele")


Now for the PUNK side of this short and uncontrolled review:

I've listened to german Punk Rock for - probably - my whole life and I do see some parallels from the new Saltatio Mortis songs to typical stereotyped punk songs such as those of bands like "Die Ärzte" (which I've never listened to), "Die Toten Hosen" (which I've never liked), "Betontod", "Slime" (which I absolutely adore) or several others, which I decided not to mention because it would totally explode this article ...

BUT (and that is fairly important to know) they ARE NOT similar - not even in the slightest sense!

Just as there do exist similarities in songs from the Sex Pistols and songs from The Clash, I would never start labeling them with the exact same keywords.


So what I appreciate when it comes to the Punk inspired songs of "Brot und Spiele" is, that they adopt a clear position to topics of national and international relevance.

Especially "Europa" (Europe) includes crystal clear statements when it come to the increasing shift to the right of european parties in all countries because of their anti-european propaganda.

With tremendous metaphors and allusions the lyrics fits exactly to my personal mindset and is nevertheless adapted to their traditional folk styles where "opponents of european cooperation and collective peace" are mentioned as "Rattenfänger" (Pied Pipers) and historical approaches find their place as well: "Aus den Trümmern all der Kriege haben wir noch nichts gelernt" (We haven't still learned anything from the ruins of past wars).



As a final moral of this story: "If something fits, please let it fit."


Those will be my last words*, because I'm not willing to

continue writing about an album, which grandiosity is so obvious ♡








Sheena 🖤

* of this article - no worries ^^



 If you're curious and aim to get your own version of "Brot und Spiele" ...



RECORDS, MERCH, TICKETS DIRECTLY FROM THE BAND'S WEBSITE: https://brotundspiele.saltatio-mortis.com/

VINYL EDITION: https://amzn.to/2wngit5

CD EDITION: https://amzn.to/2LlT384

MP3 DOWNLOAD: https://amzn.to/2wlKWmr




The Vinyl arrived today in my Gloomy Mansion (*cheering in pitch black with epic dark wave sounds in the background*) - I absolutely can't wait for the unpacking BUT I'll hold myself back to set up my camera first, so that you can view the whole madness as a YouTube video ...

In the following days I'll upload a video defined by the explosion of accumulated emotions and anticipation on my YouTube Channel Sheena's Showtime! So be prepared for that ^^





BUT to get an impression of this amazing Vinyl without watching an introverted weirdo talking to a non-responding camera I've prepared some pictures for you to look at:

(I'm now finally able to sing along to the song "Herr Holkin" without creating my own "fantasy language" ... I can't even express my great delight!!!)








And for the reason that it's basically incredible to not include my HUUUGE joy about this special delivery - here's one picture of me and batty (obviously just as lucky and glad as I am at the moment) ♕♡ 



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