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August 24, 2018

Although this has been my birthday month and I already got several things, my weaker self still managed to convince me of pressing those "PAY" buttons more than ever ... 

But to switch from the excuses and apologies to the actual and FIRST edition of my upcoming Purchase series (that sounds fairly spectacular - just like my dramatic ME wanted it to be ... ^^)

I decided to make a general overview of everything I bought which could be interesting for you:


Just to mention: Most of the items will be music related (because there's possibly nothing else that I'm exactly just as crazy about - apart from my own creative stuff) - that should work as a tiny disclaimer ♡ so that nobody gets frightened off because of those kinds of things ...


BUT NOW - with any further ado - for the actual FIRST part of my brand new Purchase Story Series:


The first thing, that I ordered and am very passionate about, is a set of PLUSHIES from the TY Beanie Boos Edition. If you watched my YouTube Video about the Plushies from my 19th Birthday than you already know about my strange obsession with Beanie Boos ... Oh gosh, how shameful ^^ ♥

I've always adored plushies from this specific brand, because of their goggly - sparkly eyes and their incredibly realistic design, that immediately turns them into my new companions & family members so that I'm able to create "AN OWN PLUSHIES CLAN OF DARKNESS" inside my Gloomy Mansion!

- that is a way better description for my friends, don't you think? -


Actually my plushie-family does only get new members on celebrations, special events (when I'm on vacation - I'm aware, that I always get in temptation to buy more plushies abroad ... I don't even know why - and that is possibly the worst thing about it because there will never ever be a particular relief ... ^^) or any other kinds of festivities such as birthdays.

But this time I ordered them on my own because I was so incredibly passionate about these two guys:

 P.S.: "Gods Own Medicine" has been in my record player when I took the picture - and for the reason that the cover initially begged me to get inside this picture, I couldn't crush its most profound wish -I'm sorry ...


BUT: Here they are - two adorable Bat Plushies from the TY Beanie Boos factory.

They're both called "Count" and their Birthday is set on the 6th of October.

Aren't they just the cutest and spookiest creatures in the whole universe - just by looking at their incredibly adorable small fangs, their sparkly shimmery golden wings and ear-insides or even their illuminating violet blueish colored fur - that actually reminds me of the exact same fabric of my personal recamière in my Gloomy Mansion - I totally felt in love with both of them.


To increase your own "Family of Gloominess":

HUGE "COUNT": https://amzn.to/2MT1H2C

SMALL "COUNT": https://amzn.to/2MwTOAR




Let's skip to something that has just arrived TODAY in my Gloomy Mansion:

While I'm writing this blog entry, the booklet of one particular CD lies beneath me, wheras the CD itself has been circling in my CD-player for the whole day, because I love it so unconditionally.

It is one special album that I've been listening to for several years now but only as the "virtual version" with my Streaming devices.

But now it's finally there and I've got my own special edition of this CD, which has always been fairly important for me and my pitchblack soul.

It is the album "Portrait aus Wut und Trauer" (Portray of fury and grief) that has been published

by MANTUS - one of my absolute favorite german bands because all of their songs have incredibly magnificent dephts and are written with a marvellous sense for sublime poetry.

I can't even pick particular albums for the reason that they're all preciously made and each individual song contains the deepest emotional turmoils and back and forths that you can imagine ...

While there are some songs that have always been my "deeply in my heart" favorites such as:


Ulysses (the lyrics overwhelmed me when I first listened to it ... I'm still stirred every single time )

Tanz mit mir (the singer's voice is so incredibly beautiful in this dreamlike song)


Postsirenische Traurigkeit

♡ Tränenpalast (what makes those lyrics so deeply linked to my mind ... I'm speechless - definitely one of my absolute favorites - for ever and ever ♡  - just look at the chorus:

Ich hab die Erde gefühlt, ich hab die Menschen gesehen

Und alle Trauer und Wut, sie wollte nicht mehr vergehen

Ich starre in mich hinein und trage all diese Last

Bis in die Tiefe der Zeit, in meinem Tränenpalast



Es regnet Blut (marvellous - this gives me shivers every single time ...)

Lass Mich (every single review or description would definitely neglect and defame its pureness)


Der Elfenbeinturm (this is such a beautiful instrumental title that immediately conveys you into dreamworlds - apart from that: you don't have to speak german to comprehend the lyrics, because there are none ... ♡ 

The title (in english: "the ivory tower") also directly fits to my own perception of artistic commitment because it is a typical wording for poets, writers and artists in general, who dedicate their lifes to nothing but their pure artistry and therefore decide to withdraw themselves from public life and pass their time in special places, the so-called "ivory towers" which provide boundless dedication - in this sense my Gloomy Mansion would definitely count as one ❣


I also ADORE all the other titles, such as:


Mein Freund Hein (I read about the background of this particular song in one of my "Sonic Seducer" magazines and the story moved me to tears - but perhaps I'm too much of a sensitive soul for this world - who knows ... ♡ )


Egal Wohin



But there is one special I haven't told you abaout already: For the reason that I got a special double CD of this album, it also included "Grenzland" which is composed of 12 strongly poetic songs with marvellous piano accompaniement that immediately touch your soul (at least mine) - I deeply fell in love with all those songs, so my pesonal recommendations are (without reservations!) ...



Psycho (This song has been support during different times for me for so many years ...)




Geheimnis (I absolutely adore the musical backdrop in this song ♡ )








All in all it is definitely an incredibly marvellous album which I absolutely recommend everyone to purchase ... apart from my other definite favorite Mantus albums such as (of course I also like the other ones - that I decided not to mention in this page- , because there is basically NO single title that I don't appreciate from this band)


❥ Requiem

❥ Liebe und Tod

❥ Ein Hauch von Wirklichkeit

❥ Fremde Welten

❥ Wölfe

❥ Zeichen

❥ Sünder

❥ Staub und Asche

❥ Melancholia

❥ and of course their newest release: Blumen in der Hölle


For everyone, who immediately felt in love with the titles OR has always thought about buying them:

"Portrait aus Wut und Trauer" CD: https://amzn.to/2PyE1iB




But now for the next music related item I decided to show you:

I got myself a M'era Luna Artist Edition shirt of the festival in 2013 - that is pretty low-key, some of you might think, for someone who has never ever been to a M'era Luna because of a natural and inherent preferance for absolute isolation in my Gloomy Castle.

BUT: I recently found out that I would have adored most of the bands that have been playing at M'era Luna Festival 2013 - so I decided to get myself the shirt.

Apart from that I've also been persuaded because of the special pricing for this "brand-new" shirt on eBay: It was only seven dollars (shipping included) so I didn't even hestitate ... ^^

Of course I adore the design on the front as much as the bands on the backside!




I've to apologize for this, but: I'm not that impressed by the new 2018 clown design - and that is mainly influenced by my general fear of clowns ... I won't expand on this! ^^

In fact it is perfectly drawn and excessively artistic but .. simply does not fit my taste ... but the majority of all festival visitors seemed to like it, so I'm perfectly fine with that ♡


By the way: I ordered a size M which fits comfortable, so I can also wear it at nighttime as well as for travels ( don't know why, but on every single picture that has been made while I was travelling outside of my Gloomy Mansion, I tend to wear band or festival merchandise ... possibly for the reason that most of them are comfortable - or I've discovered a special new obsession - who knows ... ^^)




Stay tuned for my September Purchase Edition ... 

... because I already know what is going to be inside of it ^^








Sheena 🖤

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