🖤☥ My first Dollskill Order ☥🖤

October 10, 2018

I finally gave in to my longing heart ... and decided for something I've always wanted and awaited in my life ...

I finally got weak and ordered my FIRST DOLLSKILL Package with adorable stuff from their featured brands "KILLSTAR" and "WIDOW" (which I've adored ever since I can imagine ... ♡).

When I first saw my shipping notfications I got overwhelmed by the different stations where my package has been until finally arriving in the smallest rural village on earth (where my Gloomy Mansion is located and your introverted dark fairy Sheena lives) ...

Just look at all those places where my package must have been, before actually arriving in my house:


But let's switch to the items themselves ... As soon as I glanced at the insides of this special package (because it was my first order at this beloved store), I definitely knew, that I would never ever be possible to regret this purchase. I deeply fell in love with my new Killstar Vela Burnout Velvet dress as well as I immediately adored those precious bat-buckle platform boots, with a perfectly pointy sole which always remind me of traditional winklepickers/ pikes (that i have obviously ever adored with all my heart and soul .... ❥ ^^ - I hope that I'll be able to purchase my own pair of winklepickers at GothPikes one day ... this has been a life long dream of mine ... ♡)


If you're interested in the whole UNPACKING PROCEDURE by your online mistress of weirdness called Sheena, then click at my YouTube Video and gather a personal impression of Sheena's madness during the unboxing of her first DollsKill order ... (but be prepared for the insanity in every single second of this video ... ^^)


(This special video will soon appear on my YouTube Channel - as well as in this Blog Entry

... so stay tuned and await the insanity of this unpacking .... ^^)


Now for the most important part of this blog entry: The Try-On of those purchases in my beloved witchy woods ... look at some impressions of my first ever Shooting in my new Killstar Dress accompanied by my new beloved Widow Bat Buckle Boots ... (as well as my former Demonia Creepers ^^) -

Short Disclaimer: all of my pictures are 100% unfiltered and unedited, because I'm not an advocate when it comes to showing a facade online... 




Get in touch with Sheena's magical witchy forest spirits by purchasing those precious items ...


VELA VELVET BURNOUT DRESS (Killstar - all sizes available)https://bit.ly/2BZLymp

VELA VELVET BURNOUT DRESS (DollsKill - only size S (mine) but cheaper)https://bit.ly/2RwmCIo

WIDOW BELT BUCKLE PLATFORM BOOTS (DollsKill): https://bit.ly/2QzgKNe










Sheena 🖤


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