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November 21, 2018

Welcome to the first edition of my upcoming Music Discovery Series directly out of my Gloomy Mansion.

For the reason that Music has always been a key driving force in my life (apart from my own attempts with writing lyrics and composing music ... ^^), I decided to initiate this new Blogging Series to share all those precious tunes, that I discover on my lifelong music journey, with you - as well as show perhaps unknown and smaller bands to a greater audience by presenting it on my website ... 

(So for those of you, who are not interested in music, at all: Please just skip those weekly/ monthy Blog Entries about nothing but MUSIC :) ...)


It must have been one cold and gloomy November morning when I randomly discovered one Spanish band called  El Pecho De Andy

(I'm more than glad, that such an amazing band does exist!)


Once I was listening to the song "Magalópolis" (translated into English: "megacity")

I got immediately tangled up in the mesmerizing sound of this band, as well as their profoundly magical guitar rock urged me to listen to the rest of their album "Llegará Octubre y Coartada" ... (it's the only album available on Spotify and Apple Music)

After listening to every single individual song of this first album, which I've discovered, I added all titles immediately to my favorite playlists and now consider getting myself either the CD or Vinyl-Edition of it, as soon as possible.

While being busy searching for another possible release online, I also discovered an additional album called "El Pecho De Andy", which has been released in 1986 already 



(for me - being not familiar with Spanish, in any sense - it's fairly difficult to figure out, if it's - in fact - a release or simply an unknown record, which has never actually been published ...  ^^ )


After I've searched throught the whole Internet I finally managed to listen to all the songs (at least to those, which seem to be available via YouTube and other devices online) of this older album from 1986 and

I perceive them just as magnificent as the other ones ! ... (this song immediately wandered deeply in my heart - it delivers such precious emotions and by trying to describe the mesmerizing beauty of the voice, I would degrade this songs true value ... ♡♡♡)


I do listen to a huge variety of music genres, and tend to adore a lot of different bands.

Additionally I might have to confess, that my playlists seem to never come to an end, because my artistic work always provides me some good music listening while being busy with my tasks ... 


As far as I can say, and as far as this review fits into a cleary subjective judgement about an album,

I highly and intensely recommend those two albums (and all singles, as well !) of "El Pecho De Andy", because this band doesn't seem to fit in any of those common categories, by creating overwhelmingly free-spirited guitar rock and also delivering this special melancholy (which can only be delivered by extraordinarily talented and uniquely special musicians and artists in general!)


To finally get an impression about their live performances and music videos, I chose the song

"En La Red" - which counts as one of my favorites of this band:


Even though the sound and voice cleary differs from it, El Pecho De Andy's lead singer somehow reminds me of a Spanish Robert Smith ... if this is possible in any sense ^^ - but soundwise they kind of remind me "The Smiths", "Echo and the Bunnymen" or "Sad Loves & Giants" (in a spanish version, with a higly unique spirit ... - I always hate it to compare music, because this band is so incredibly good on its own, that we're not at all in need of comparisons to other famous artists!)


En la red mi turbia realidad resbala

como un pez monstruoso y abisal.
Enterrar la locura es abrir cavernas en la luz,

vivo en un lugar estereotipado.
Es factor elemental escapar de los rayos del sol,
la única verdad que conozco, ​​u oscilar

bajo su candor reflejando la muerte en las escamas.

Qué maldita espuma me retiene,
qué agrio anzuelo quema mi garganta,

qué alimaña reina en esta red, y al amanecer sus dientes pule,
un súbito final me desbarata, otros como yo preparan la rebelión.



Just because they're so good, and for the reason that I adore their Saxophone elements in this song, I present to you "Lllegará Octubre" - possibly their most famous song:



Los niños del pantano ya no amontonan más carbón.
“Somos humanos” dicen, y escriben versos al amor.
Acuchillan la noche silbando, cuando alguna voz
sale de las cenizas para pedir al Sol que colme el lodazal.
Del sueño eterno de los Justos

venga al pantano el fuego purificador.
Con dulce incienso vendrá. Con dulce incienso vendrá.
Debes hablar por mí, pues de noche he de callar.
Rogad, rogad por mí, las almas de los niños duermen aquí.
Negras levitas por el canal se aproximan sigilosas.
Cruzando el cerco de las sombras despertarás como las plagas del rosal.
Que árido invierno traerán. Que árido invierno traerán.


... Posting another song, because they're all way too good to not be added into this blog entry !

(the Saxophone solo overwhelms me every single time ... it's beyond miraculous) ... 



El mar es aún más profundolas

olas son más violentasla tierra late calientebajo mis pies.

Sueño con mi alegre saipánsueño con mi alegre saipán.

Volví sobre mis pisadasrecuerdo bien tu silenciosolía herir como un rayode lucidez.

Lejos con mi alegre saipánlejos con mi alegre saipán.

Cegado por el deliriosolo en la isla presientoel sueño cálido y negrode mi incierto final.

Sueño con mi alegre saipán
sueño con mi alegre saipán…



But now for the most important part of this review:

If you immediately fell in love with "El Pecho De Andy" - just as I did ^^ - then SUPPORT your favorite artist by getting their marvelous songs on CD, Vinyl or even for your MP3 Streaming Devices !

Official Facebook Website of El Pecho De Andy

Amazon Music MP3-Download (Only for "LLegará OCtubre")

Discogs offical Marketplace for Vinyls

My next discovery is something, just as purely magnificent as my first one:  




I'm so glad that I finally discovered this artist! Perhaps this would have never happened if I haven't decided to randomly click on one older article of my favorite German Gothic Blog www.spontis.de, where "Farblos" got mentioned 

If you're familiar with German and haven't already discovered this blog, please do me a favor and go there immediately! It's one of the best blogs I've ever seen online, especially if you are interested in blog posts concerning the black/ dark/ Gothic scene and culture in general ... Every single article is either uniquely amusing, ideally cynical or highly informative -  (I'm sure, that there is something to suit any taste! ... )


But apart from digressing from the actual topic again:

The first song, which I discovered and listened to has been "Auf der Schwelle".

The mesmerizing Dark Wave Sound, which heavily reminded me of the true 80s spirit, which I always search for when discovering new music (because I unfortunately wasn't granted to live in this era ... and can therefore only rely on music and clothing to - somehow - revive it for me personally - if this is possible in any sense ^^) - and when I first looked up the lyrics I was fully stunned and might now perceive Farblos as one of my favorite artists OF ALL TIME!

Please do me a favor and click on the official website, the Bandcamp edition or similar platforms to obtain your own version of his records - they're all uniquely mesmerizing, overwhelmingly poetic and convey such strong emotions in every line of their lyrics ... 

Definitely the best discovery of this month's Music Review !! (without exaggerating, as always, in Sheena's Gloomy Sphere ^^)


But the overwhelmingly music discovery process did not end, until I discovered one video on YouTube, which combines the masterpiece "Winterherz" (which definietly counts as one of my absolute favorite songs from Farblos) with original footage from the 80s - mainly taken from traditional Dark Wave Clubs and other familiar video clips from the Wave Scene in the 80s ...

Of course, I'll include this video below (my adoration for those scenes forced me to do so ^^):



 (If you haven't already: Watch this video!!)


And another song, which I absolutely want to share with you (but the other ones are just as precious - so please look them up, because you have to !!): "Du Fällst"


(just another appreciation post: this music video is unbelievably artistically pleasing!)


But now for the most important part of this review:

If you immediately fell in love with "FARBLOS" - just as I did ^^ - then SUPPORT your favorite artist by getting his marvelous songs on CD, Vinyl or even for your MP3 Streaming Devices !




For my next discovery of this upcoming new series on my blog, I decided to share something which has a deeply historical relevance (especially referring to the WGT):



"Age of Heaven" has been the special band which initially opened the first WGT 1992 - and this is definitely something to keep in mind, because back then history was written and the largest "Gothic family meeting" worldwide opened its doors for the first time in the precious city of Leipzig.

For the reason that I'm addicted to nostalgia and always wished for having had the possibility to be present on the WGT one day, I immediately adored this band's history !


(As far as I've planned, my "first visit" on the WGT will take place next year 2019, when I'm finally able to release my lifelong WGT excitement for the first time :) ... I still haven't decided for the exact accomodation where I'll be spending my five days, but I hope to discover an ideal possibility soon)


"In The Mirror" is definitely one of my absolute favorite songs:

You stand close to a door
Wide over you extends a gothic arch
A shiver runs through you
When you feel the eerie atmosphere
Driven by curiosity
You press the handle and walk through
And you go along countless pews
A magic gleam casts its spell all over you

Now you stop in front of the altar
Under it a stair leads down into the darkness
A voice whispers in your ear "Go this way"
You turn around but there is no one else
Like driven by strange power
You take the first step forward
The voice says "Go inside" and you do so
Your way runs through dark vaults
It is damp and musty
And you stumble into death bones 

You wander around and suddenly
You get into a daze light and you are blinded
But when your eyes can see again
You notice very old men sitting in a circle
From a small raised place the probable oldest
Waves you close and talks to you
"Come and look, look into the mirror
And you will see, you'll see your true face"
And in the mirror starts to form a figure
It looks like you

You look into your own eyes but the picture disappears
Where just your reflection was a change is proceeding now
You see a creature with your face but everything is so strange
You're paralysed with horror as you see things like cruelty, greed and more
But the bell rings one and the picture is blown away
Still now your stiffening fades away you run for your life
You run back this way, at last you reach for the stairs
You stumble up and powerless you drop to the ground


For the end of this November-Music-Series, I'd like to show some random discoveries of mine, which I've found via YouTube - I hope you enjoy those discoveries apart from a special "Band-Info-Chart-Presentation":


Crystal Tears - This Eternal Waiting (1985):



Diving deeper into 80s Post-Punk Spirit again ...

Alone (Cosmic Loneliness) - Totenwald (2015)


Detonation - Shadows to Ashes (1999)

Please check this artist out: You'll be introduced to mesmerizing Goth Rock Spirits ! ♡


Funeral Eyes - Bat Nouveau (2014)


The Foyer - Drab Majesty (2015)

(this is a true masterpiece again!)


Timeless Place - La Fete Tristesse (2011)


Things I don't need - Human Tetris (2010)


Heavy Wave - Motorama (2015)


I already discovered this some weeks ago, but for the reason that I'm still obsessively listening to this sing, I decided to share it anyways :) ...


and now to crash this magnificent flow of Dark Wave/ Post Punk/ Goth Rock Discoveries and disturb the Melancholy in your precious head ... Let me introduce the Finnish Metal Band:


Beast in Black

(I discovered them for the reason that I'll be going on my FIRST EVER Nightwish concert next week - therefore I started listening to their songs and I perceive them as fantastic *Metal Obsession rules!!*)

 Skip to the Blog Entry about my Nightwish and Beast in Black Concert: 

(A tiny hint: Beast in Black have been amazingly overwhelming on stage!)










Sheena 🖤







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