REVIEW: Demonia Creepers 219💜

July 13, 2018

They finally arrived in my GLOOMY MANSION ! The first Demonia shoes I've ever ordered - and the fact that they're my first creepers turns this day into an even cheerier one ...

(Apart from their incredibly amazing romantic velvety design I'm now able to increase my height without suffering in utterly uncomfortable angled high-heels ... )


For the history part: I've to add that I've always been longing for creepers - Since I've been thirteen years old and observed this oldschool-new-fashion look in one of my holy EMP-magazines (that are still lingering in my old dorm - to the detriment of my parents) I cut every single one of them out and glued them onto my school notebooks (in order to move my deepest wish closer to realization - but this specific ritual did not offer the desired outcome...)

Unfortunately this wish has never been realized until this day, because I always thought Creepers would not look that graceful on my feet and my closest relatives thought of them being cubic bricks and they claimed that those shoes would scare the shit out of my classmates (obviously that's true style-encouragement, you know ^^).

Now, that I finally graduated - the day I've eagerly awaited - I'm sure nobody will be unsettled or even offended by my non-conformist shoeweare anymore, because "Who cares about pedestrians who can't keep their eyes off passing alternative-gothic individuals?!"


Actually, the package should have arrived yesterday and I'm not even surprised that it didn't: I'm living in the most rural area that you can imagine and the postal service seems to be somewhat lazy (but I can't even feel grim about that, because if somebody ever gets something delivered in our street, that's me. And that's the reason why I should be totally thankful that our package service even delivers packages in this isolated village every second or third day... :)


But now for the most important part of this blog entry: Without further ado I'm finally going to skip to the review to my precious new Creepers!

Before I was able to rock my new shoes carefully in my arms I had to overcome the obligatory interpersonal handing over with the local mailman. This sounds fairly weird for non-Introverts, but it is (in fact) a huge deal for me to "survive" those trivial daily situations - combined with non-relevant interaction and plenty of "small-talk" - without me being completely ruled by my bewildered mind that incites me to phrases like "You're welcome" as a response to the act of delivery or this weird mixture of words that is way too embarrassing to mention in an online blog.


After I've successfully survived this daily dose of painfulness, I started bouncing up and down in my mansion - where I feel totally comfortable screaming like a 10-year-old kawaii wannabe while wearing my long black velvet dress with bat sleeves (I already feel the cringe behind my back ...)

And then: The moment I've awaited with pleasure: The unboxing of my new Creepers.

I could not hold myself back, ripping the outer package of the EMP box, to get closer to the Demonia package that I've always admired in other videos, because it contains those little fabric bags with the Demonia logo and extra bags for the shoes in order to keep them as fabulous as they were after the arrival ...



Now, that I'm holding my very own pair of Demonia shoes in my hands, I've to claim that they are of amazing quality: Every single stitch that has been made on the velvety shimmery material is absoutely accurate and their price gets completely justified because of the detailed fabrication!



Apart from that: They're cruelty free! And every single advocate of alternative-gothic-punk-footwear will approve that discovering leather-free shoes of unsual styles for an acceptable price whithout combing through the whole world wide web or ending up with shops that only deliver to the US is basically impossible.

(Welcome to all German blog readers on this occasion! I feel your pain when it comes to the great variety of alternative footwear that is not available - apart from high shipping cost - for us ...)

I, once again, remember my struggle to get original 80s Pikes in a non-leather material or the great internal turmoil while looking for original stomping steel sole boots in the 70s punk style for surviving my next Skacore festival without getting hurt in the pit or being responsible for the skinning of innocent animals ... (once a Vegan - Vegan at all levels ...)


And: I apologize again for digressing ! :) Let's focus on the facts again ... More seriousness in my imaginary dark kingdom again ... More rationality as a person who is constantly succumbing to her own daydreams and abstruse fantasy visions ... Plenty of neutrality for a female individual not being able to subordinate herself to clear regulated structures - living in a self-created universe ...


Actually, I've been somewhat afraid that the creepers won't fit me, because everyone claimed that they are relatively small - compared to European standards - but all my insecurities shattered when I first tried them on, because they fit absolutely perfect! 

I ordered my usual European size 39 (because they've not been availiable in size 40) and therefore accepted the risk that all my great anticipation for the package could be ruined by shoes being way too small... But everything turned out well: The fit is amazingly comfortable and I can assure you: there will be no break-in time! This seems almost incredible for me - after my painful break-in time of four months for my beloved steel boots ... ^^



In conclusion of everything considered and digressed above I've to mention that I could never be happier about this delivery from EMP ! They even included a Wacken brochure with the exact line-up that 50% cheers me up because of the amazing bands that I "could" visit and 50% leads me to suffering endlessly because of the fact that I already know that I'm not able to attend the festival this year because of several other appointments and issues ... 

If anyone of you - out there in the dark universe - considers buying the Demonia Creepers Version 219, I would definitely recommend the purchase (in case you adore the design as much as I do), because they are of extreme good quality and their fit is absolutely perfect !


And that's HOW they looked outside of my Gloomy Mansion

(for the rare occasion, when the introverted individual leaves her home ... ^^):










































And as the final moral of my story:

DON'T DELAY your most profound wish and treat yourself with things you love !





Sheena 🖤


Get OUR OWN pair of Demonia Shoes: 

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