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November 21, 2018


After finally arriving home after this marvelous concert day full of new fantastic impressions and some struggles on my way home

not due to the concert but due to the impossibility of reliablility when it comes to German train traveling services - especially referring to the connection between the city and the lost rural area, where my Gloomy Sphere is located ... ^^)

I've now rushed again and quickly switched to my upcoming Concert Series (which will include not only a special YouTube Get Ready With Me Video, but also consist of this Concert Review as my latest blog entry:

For the reason that the Munich edition of the current Decades Tour of Nightwish, is taking place in 2018, I don't have the possibility to compare certain ancient concerts to the newer ones. At least I could compare the voices of the three front singer (as everyone tends to do, nowadays, so I decide to fully exclude this topic out of my personal Sheena-Review, because I'm aware, that others might be more successful while dividing the individual musical features of Tarja, Anette and Floor, in all their individual pieces ^^, because I only have the live-impression of Floor Jansen, without the direct comparison of the other singers in a live version).


To get fully into the concert-review I should start right at the beginning of my journey on this 14th of November - right at the beginning of this life-changing experience for Sheena ... ♡♡♡



06:00 AM

I'm usually not an early riser (quite the contrary, I promise you! ^^) but I could hardly sleep the night before my first concert, because I've been excessively excited and nervous (in a fully positive way) for several days now - therefore the night before my concert possibly turned out to be the peak of my excitement.

This is the reason, why I got up early on this day to film the first scenes of my "Get Ready With Me"-Video for you guys, which will be linked below this blog entry, for you to look at it on my YouTube Channel.


08:00 AM

Next I did some general preparation such as walking my dog, cleaning the cages of my other smaller mammals and the pigeon, as well as prepare all the important nourishments for my "tiny zoo" at home, so that they have nothing to worry about while I'm leaving my home for some hours to attend this long awaited concert experience ... (of course, I've arranged a possibility for them to be accompanied by some family members - I, obviously, wouldn't let them be at home alone ^^).


12:00 AM

But as soon as I've finished everything another "heavy burden" (which existence I haven't noticed before) would be charged on my excited self on this day: I suddenly got reminded by the workers, who are doing the renovations in my Gloomy Mansion, that I should do some unexpected purchases in the construction store for them, so that they could finish all their tasks.

And this led me to the construction store, fully dressed in my final concert outfit, with my heavy boots and the masses of heavy silvery jewelry which belonged to it, as well ... 

(just to insert something of those scenes: the views have been more than incredible this time ^^)

But let's skip to something more relevant for this concert review again ... after I've left the store with exactly 51 wooden edgy sticks of an individual lenght of three metres, I could finally dedicate my excitement to the CONCERT again, instead of having to care about the security of the wooden elements while carefully driving our car home ... (but this is a whole new story ^^)



18:30 PM

This must have been the time, at which I finally arrived at the concert location (several hours of travelling through the city of Munich later ...).

In addition to the general coldness outside, it also got darker - close to the absolute darkness - and my path to the Olympia Hall turned out to be one of the most magnificent wandering paths in the dark, which I've ever made - all around me have been people who shared this exact anticipation for the upcoming concert, some of them were listening to the "virtual version" of the last Nightwish songs, before entering the concert hall and you could sense the huge excitement for the live performance as well as the great expectations when it comes to the individual songs ... 


 It was pure magic , therefore I decided to insert a short clip on my five minute way from the underground to the Olympia Hall in Munich:

When I first arrived at the Olympia Hall, I was fully stunned, because even though I was born in Munich, I've actually never been to this well-known location and was therefore completely overwhelmed by its largeness and glory!

After entering the Hall I then was stunned a second time: This location was composed of round platforms, which do - in fact - give you the impression of being a tiny universe as a whole!

Everything that you could wish for has been provided there: Endless possiblities for food and drinks, toilets 10 metres apart and two huge merchandise stands with different shirt designs, signed books and other pieces for your own Nightwish Collection at home ... ^^

I immediately decided for the "Decades 2018"-Shirt Design, because it was directly linked to the tour and I also appreciated the print from an artistic point of view :) ...


19:00 PM


After wandering around the stage, on the round platforms of this impressive concert location, I returned to my seats and awaited the support band "BEAST IN BLACK".

Obviously I've listened to some songs of this special band before, to get to know their sound and some of the lyrics before visiting the concert.

Therefore I already recognized some weeks before my concert, that I adore every single one of their precious songs! It's a finnish Metal Band - having toured with Nightwish already some years ago - and they are uniquely combining traditional Heavy Metal Sounds with some electronic elements! 

In addition to that, the leadsinger's voice is not only highly majestic on the album "Berserker" but also on stage one of the best concert experiences, I could have ever imagined!!


It's beyond unbelievable how the leadsinger changes his voice from "growling" to "symphonically pure" - for the reason that my words could only degrade this amazing artist, I'd love to link another video below:

Fun Fact: During the concert the leadsinger asked the public about the fact whether they've seen the "first official music video" to the song "Blind and Frozen" - I have been one of the few "pre-viewers", but only by chance because I subscribed to "Nuclear Blast Records" (some of my favorities bands are signed on this record label: Korpiklaani, The Exploited, Helloween, Children of Bodom ... just to mention a few) :)


I'm already so excited for their UPCOMING ALBUM: From Hell with Love !!!


When it comes
to the songs:


I was deeply impressed by all the songs on stage, nevertheless I'd like to include some of the other AMAZING tunes, which I've discovered by purchasing their CD "Berserker":

  • Hell For All Eternity          (This is a fabulous song - I absolutely recommend this song to you, if you haven't heard it yet!)


  • Zodd The Immortal         (perhaps my favorite masterpiece of the whole album - includes some overwhelming growling passages ...)


  • Go To Hell                             (this is the remaining song, which they haven't played on stage, but it is incredibly good, as well!)


After attending their support concert before Nightwish I must confess, that I'm surely going to look forward to their tour in 2019 (for their new album release next year) - I hope to soon book my tickets for this upcoming concert, which will take place in the Backstage Concert Hall in Munich !!!


This amazing Band has now definitely gained another fan, called Sheena ♡♡♡




20:20 PM( ... the official plan said so ^^)


Time passes by ... Beast in Black have been so incredibly good on stage, that I hardly recognized that it might soon be time for Nightwish playing ...

Even though I did not look at any clock at that time


(I think this is obvious, isn't it! Have you ever got reminded of the time while being in a concert ?! Personally, I haven't: My capacity for time managment completely passes out, simply because I'm so excited, happy and glad at the same moment ... ^^)



- please insert non-existing footage of Sheena freaking out in the Olympia Hall and jumping up and down like a rubber ball in her black dress, because of all the concert spirits around her ^^ - 


But as soon as I recognized Beast in Black playing their FINAL SONG "End of the World" and leaving the stage, Sheena's tension and general nervousness occured again ... 

I was now aware, that I'll be experiencing Nightwish (one of my absolute favorite bands since my earliest teens, which I adore with all my heart, ever since I first listened to their songs from the album "Oceanborn" ...) on stage


YES - "Oceanborn" has been the first album, I officially bought myself as a CD-Version at the age of 12 ^^ - I discovered it in the Metal-Section of the Record Store of my trust (I was even more drawn to Metal, back then (I basically listened to nothing else, but Metal ^^), compared to today, but I still appreciate Metal tracks just as much as I did before - no worries ... ♡)


And I must confess, Nightwish really succeeded to increase my tension more and more.

Not only by the great COUNTDOWN right at the beginning, which made my curiosity for the upcoming show even bigger, but also the introductionary song "Swanheart", which was marvelously performed by Troy Donockley on stage ... It was the absolute most beautiful introduction I could have ever imagined.

After having attended the FULL CONCERT, I can definitely claim, that it has been the ideal introduction for increasing tension and getting all visitors into the magnificent world of Nightwish ... ♡ 


Before I'm referring to the individual songs, I'd like to tell something about the special effects on stage: It's not possible for me to "re-create" this amazing show with my words, but I could - perhaps - describe them with one word: Phenomenal!

The concerts I've been to, before, have only been Punk Rock and Ska Concerts, so experiencing THIS GRANDIOSITY ON STAGE, was a fully new experience to me ! Even if somebody did - not at all - liked the music (is this even possible ... ? ^^) he or she HAS TO APPRECIATE the overwhelmingly amazing LIGHT AND FIRE EFFECTS !!!


When it comes
to the songs:

I must confess, that all of them have been incredibly well played and performed on stage - it was so fantastic, that I would perhaps have adored listening to even more songs (but this is not possible, especially if the concert has already been long and exhausting for the artist!) ... 

My favorite songs on stage have been:

  • "Elvenpath",

  • "Dark Chest of Wonders",

  • "Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean",

  • "Endless Forms Most Beautiful",

  • "The Kinslayer" (which was definitely one of my absolute favorites !!!),

  • "Nemo",

  • "10th Man Down"                                           and THE GREAT FINAL SONGS 

  • "The Greatest Show on Earth" as well as "Ghost Love Score"


Songs I would have adored as a performance:

(in addition to those marvelous tunes, which have been played) 

  • "Bless the Child",

  • "Ever Dream",

  • "Planet Hell",

  • "Wishmaster",

  • "Amaranth" ...

But of course, this hasn't been possible and I'm more than proud, to have had the possibility to experience such a fabulous show with this exact miraculous setlist !


 Sheena's EXCITEMENT AND MADNESS as a YouTube Version : 







Sheena 🖤

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