CSD 2018 // Munich PRIDE

July 15, 2018

Yesterday I spent one of the most precious days of the year with the most awesome crowd in the whole world. I travelled to Munich - the closest big city, being exactly two hours away from my own village - in order to attend Christopher Street Day 2018.

In preparation for this special day I decided to throw all my colorful clothing pieces (which aren't many) out of my mostly black wardrobe and dress one hundred percent COLORFU! And I'm sure, for everyone who mainly and only wears black throughout the year, creating a fitting and at least somehow stylish outfit by combining all magnificent colors of the rainbow, is a huge challenge for me - but I've to add that I absolutely adored this make over and it was a lot of fun, because now our neighbors started staring for the reason that I wore colors, not for the reason that I'm dressed in long black clothes or that I carry around darkening parasols in summer.

This was a totally new experience for me and it made me laugh a lot during the train ride to Munich.


But first things first: Before arriving at the closest train station, I had to leave my little village for hitting the 9:30 am train to the city. And if you don't already know: I'm living in one of the most rural areas that I can imagine in my home country because it takes me a one hour walk to another villiage, that fortunately owns an own train station. But "no pains, no gains"! So I decided to get up at about 5:30 am in order to get ready, do my make-up (which was not that special because it seems impossible for me to create an authentic colorful look), color some streaks with hair chalks, prepare the dog's food bowl for the afternoon and do an early walk in the morning.

I should have left the house at 8 am but this wasn't possible - as I already expected it to be - and therefore I had to run. And as you can probably imagine: I arrived at the train station all sweaty and distressed after my 6k run on dusty roads and plenty of hills with nothing but my neon pink doc martens as comfort under my feet. Before getting more and more unready for this years CSD I tried to set everything in place again in the train station's toilet but it didn't work out because the train has already arrived and I hurried - almost dropping all my stuff in front of the huge mirror in the station's bathroom ... But I caught the train and found a seat, utterly thankful to finally rest my aching legs again. During the one hour train ride I also recovered from the severe chaos that was clearly visible in my face and on my clothing. It finally worked and I left the train in great anticipation and happiness for the upcoming CSD 2018.


Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend last year's CSD because of some other tasks that I had to fulfill and several other appointments. Therefore it was an even greater pleasure to attend this years CSD for me, because I've always tried to support the amazing LGBTQ-community online and in politics - apart from being a part of it myself. But I belive, that being involved in street festivals and official parades is a much more impressive experience. Not only for those who directly belong to a specific movement, but also for the eternal sceptics, antagonists or insecures because they finally have the opportunity to get into important topics by questioning individuals of the crowd, experiencing the team spirit behind the masses and get an overview of the aims, future visions and dreams of a special community.

This year I dedicated myself to the full CSD experience :) and I wandered around a lot, visited the individual stands, donated money, signed petitions and other political documents, achieved my festival bracelets, got vegan chocolate chip cupcakes for free and obviously: COLLECTED LOT'S OF flyers, stickers, buttons, et cetera ... :)

I don't even know for how many times I roamed the streets of Munich this day, so please excuse my lack of numbers, facts and data on this special day. ;)

But one thing that I will absolutely remember till the next century is the amazing atmosphere of the parade passing by. I tried to force myself thorugh the huge crowd that has assembled in the streets of munich in order to get a better view of some of the wagons, parade trucks, cars and motorcycles with all those awesome individuals on them.

And it was worth the stress: I recognized the most beautiful parade trucks, the greatest costumes and make up looks and the most precious self-made banners and flags with the most important messages of all, centering about the topic of love and gender.



 As an asexual and panromantic individual I strongly identify with the whole LGBTQ-community because it is important to constantly fight for more acceptance, understanding and relativization in society apart from abandoning hate crimes, bullying, threats or verbal abuse.

That's why I adore events like CSD so much, because they are combined with things everyone loves, such as informative speeches, music performances, dancing on stage, impressive parades and outfits, club nights (not for me, of course, because I'm entirely an introvert - but for the extrovert majority) and overall: HAPPINESS (I'm definitely aware of the traditional goth stereotypes .. so I won't hear of it!), that can only be experienced if an amazing vision hides behind a crowd of people. And that's the reason why so many individuals, who don't belong to the LGBTQ-community, can get in touch with individuals of the community because everyone is in a great mood.



As always when it comes to great (and even small >.<) events, I decide for hours whether I should stay in the safeness of my gloomy mansion or leave my insecurities next to my bat pillows at home.

And I've to claim that deciding for this year's CSD was one of the best decisions I ever made, because I would have totally missed out on the amazing experience and all those unexpected encounters with like-minded individuals who also fight for their rights, their love and show their incredibly awesome spirit to the world.

Apart from that I also discovered some companies & associations that are totally worth our support.

I'll link all the websites down below, so that you could stop by their websites and get all the important information concerning their goals and visions.


As a conclusion of my annual CSD visit in Munich:

I will never ever miss out on next year's festivities and parades, because sometimes even an Introvert has to roam the streets if it is for a special purpose, coming from my its own heart!



And for all those, who are not directly involved in the LGBTQ community: I'd like to encourage you to roam the streets with us because you're definitely not misplaced amongst us!

Love is everything that counts on this day and you should feel more than welcomed to participate in our fight for more acceptance and understanding.






Sheena 🖤



https://diversity-muenchen.de // unique club in Munich

http://www.100mensch.de // project launching several campaigns to support the LGBTQ-community

http://shop.brunos.de/brunos-store-muenchen // 100% gay store & shopping paradise in Munich

http://muenchner-regenbogen-stiftung.de  // foundation for the LGBTQ-community

http://www.szenetimer.de // latest events for the community

https://www.rainbowrefugeesmunich.net // special refugee support & café for LGBTQs in Munich

https://www.muenchner-aidshilfe.de // contact point for HIV in Munich



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