🖤New Album Release: Welcome To Hell // Mono Inc.🖤

July 29, 2018

It's finally released! I'm so super stoked about this album, that I'm listening to nothing but those 21 songs daily for hours on Apple Music - until my pre-ordered vinyl arrives in my gloomy mansion on Monday! The artwork is beautifully created with an eye for depth and detail and I can't await the second I finally put the vinyl onto my music "shrine" in my castle for everyone to look at the plague doctor ... 


Since the announcement of the new album "Welcome to Hell" I've been attending this 27th of July 2018 with pleasure combined with huge excitement.

I've to admit that none of their albums has ever disappointed me and I'm basically obsessed with any Mono Inc. song (Therefore you could probably consider me a huge fan ... )

My favorite albums so far must be:


- Voices Of Doom

- Viva Hades

- Terlingua

- Nimmermehr

- Together Till The End


I deliberately stayed up the whole night until Midnight (which is not that hard for me and usually the time I - as a human night owl - get vivid and start roaming my mansion while singing and dancing the weirdest performances ^^), when the album was first released on my Apple Music Account.

I've already saved all the titles into my special playlists several days before, so they immediately downloaded after the release. Then a long music session began ... 


At the end of this nightly activity I must claim that all those songs have been made with lots of passion ! Every single lyrics reflects an individual and amazingly interesting story that is based on historically accuate material from the darkest memories of the middle ages (especially the plague era).

The songs I enthusiastically adore and definitely recommend listening to are:


- Long Live Death

- Risk It All

- Flies

- Funeral Song

- Reign Of Rats

- The Heart Of The Raven

- Welcome To Hell

- Under A Coal Black Sun

- A Vagabond's Life

  (Even if this song has been published some weeks before the release and therefore already

  wandered to my list of all my favorite songs, I'm still surprised and amazed how ideal the sound of

  Mono Inc. could be combined with the voice of Subway To Sally's front singer Eric Fish)

- Unconditionally

- When The Raven Dies Tonight

- AND: all the classic versions of the songs above (they go beyond a magical atmosphere!)


... and one could conclude: I obviously adore every single song of the whole album!


As a recommendation: Go through all those songs - you won't regret it and at best discover your new catchy tune that you adore as much as I do !


I desperately wish for attending their concert in Munich on the 3rd of November in the Backstage concert hall ... Hopefully my dream of buying those tickets could be realized until then, because I've never been on a Mono Inc. concert before.

But: I've already heard of them being fascinating!


As a final moral of the story: Buy your own vinyl, CD or mp3-version of "Welcome To Hell"

                                          and support one of my (and possibly your) favorite bands !!!  







Sheena 🖤




Additional message:

The Vinyl arrived today on Monday (as expected)!

I'm so glad that I can finally carry it into my gloomy mansion:

I decided it to be a "Birthday Present" for me (introvert lifestyle for the win ^^), so I'm gonna wait for the opening until the 12th of August ... 

But: The first pictures look fabulous !!!


For the actual UNBOXING of this VINYL: 


 If you're curious and aim to get your own version of "Welcome To Hell" ...




VINYL EDITION: https://amzn.to/2wiQ6zL

CD EDITION: https://amzn.to/2LkfCtP

MP3 DOWNLOAD: https://amzn.to/2MINm96

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